There are two contact types in theMesh. Accounts, which are legal entities and contacts which are private individuals. These can be related to each other and have the ability to have a many to many relationship. For example, you may have a contact who works for two of your customers. In traditional systems you can only have the contact once, related to one entity. In theMesh this Account/contact can have multiple relationships so that their record can be entered once and related to many. (unlike traditional systems where the same John Smith has to be John Smith the customer, John C Smith the supplier and JC Smith the contractor and then when you’re trialling to call from your mobile phone contacts you’re wondering ‘which one is it’) Opening their contact window will show all relationships and actions for this Account/Contact without you having to interrogate different areas of the system.

Accounts/contacts can have multiple addresses, multiple phone numbers, multiple email addresses. The ability to add this information is limitless in theMesh.

Accounts/contacts will synchronise to your mobile devices and other email clients for example Outlook, Google Apps and Thunderbird